I pose a threat to the nation?


I’ve seen quite a few folks recently frustrated at the lack of real knowledge that is out there. Especially if you have the unfortunate luck to live in a state where you still are in the dark ages. I went to an alcohol training class (to serve/sell alcohol) and I spent most of the class in disagreement with everyone else. I could only hear how horrible cannabis was so many times before I had to start citing medical research and facts and figures from legal states and discussing the endocannabinoid system. It’s a lot more difficult to argue with something like that. Facts are easy to look up.

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A meme but pretty close to the truth. When doing my thesis (find the link hereΒ if you’re curious), I had an addiction specialist on my board. He insisted I find studies about cannabis causing psychosis. I found in order to cause psychosis, a person would have to smoke or consume 1 pound of cannabis in one sitting. I think Snoop would be given a run for his money here! When the results began coming back, overwhelmingly positive results even back in 2013, he was incensed!

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What do you do when confront with someone who either believes lies they have been told or simply doesn’t get it because they’ve never needed to before? Don’t be outwardly confrontational. No one is going to listen to you if you start by asking them how could they believe something so stupid!! Find a few good things to direct them towards. I like to use Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Story. It’s pretty easy to remember and it really tells about how cannabis can not only HELP but CURE disease. Before I watched this, I had no idea that FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil)/Rick Simpson Oil/ Phoenix Tears) could actually cure ANY disease. I knew it had worked with cancer, but thanks to a family member that enlightened ME, I can enlighten everyone else. It will cure ANY disease. You see new research from the Western U.S. is showing the reason there is so much disease, even though we have more advances now, is because we are so deficient in cannabinoids. Your most important weapon? Stay informed yourself! Read the new research, read articles from legitimate sources, and be ready to tear down those wrong beliefs one step at a time.

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