On my own, here I go….


A crooked spine, My senses dulled, Passed the point of delirium~ Brain Stew

So I had this conversation the other day. It went something like this:

Lady: Cannabis is awesome!! It makes me feel so much better!!

Me: Yeah its amazing! Do you know about Phoenix Tears/Rick Simpson Oil? It will cure ANY disease! New Research from out west is showing us the reason we have so much disease even with modern medicine is because we are so deficient from cannabinoids being illegal for almost 100 years!

Lady: Yeah right! It may cure some people’s disease but it won’t cure mine!

Me: You don’t have to believe it but its still true! Go watch Run From The Cureย 

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The Man

I haven’t heard back from this lady since she went to watch the video but maybe she finally believes me? So for those of you that have heard of Rick Simpson Oil/Phoenix Tears/FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil)(FECO or RSO) you may know a couple of things about it. You probably know that it can cure cancer. I did. It was my first run in with RSO. What I did not know at the time was that it will reverse ANY disease. Thankfully, my lovely cousin filled me in. She explained what RSO/FECO could do. I didn’t believe it either. Until I started to take it. I had a bone graft taken from my hip to go over the metal put into my back about 5 years ago. Since then, I have very little pain from my back, but an almost constant pain where the bone graft was taken from, on my hip. When I started the RSO, that pain was GONE for the first time in 5 years. It wasn’t just better, it was non-existent. I couldn’t believe it. I went straight back to said cousin and apologized profusely for laughing at her passion for Rick Simpson Oil.

You see many years ago I resigned myself to the fact that the most I could hope for was an improvement on the constant pain that I lived with every day. For the first time in almost 12 years, I could see an end to that pain. My migraines improved and I went almost an entire week without a migraine. I went outside without sunglasses on, something I haven’t done in a DECADE, and I didn’t realize it for almost an hour!! So, believe me or don’t, but it’s still true! In a process developed by someone much smarter than I am, you can replace the cannabinoids your endocannabinoid system needs with RSO. You begin by taking very small amounts of the oil 3 times a day, increasing your dose slowly. This is because RSO is 99.99% THC. It is surprisingly easy to make and you can get several uses out of your bud as well.

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The Protocol

Coming Next: How to make Rick Simpson Oil

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